begin mathsize 36px style P subscript i n end subscript equals P subscript o u t end subscript space plus space fraction numerator 2 gamma over denominator r end fraction end style

Pin = Pressure Inside the Curved Surface ; Pout = Pressure Outside the Curved Surface ; γ = Surface Tension ; r = Radious of Curvature of the Curved Surface ; 


begin mathsize 36px style R e equals fraction numerator r. d. v over denominator mu end fraction end style

Re = Reynolds Number ; r = The diameter or length (basically length of the shape of the object);  

d = The density of the fluid; v = The velocity of the object; μ = Viscosity of the fluid;

begin mathsize 36px style open parentheses M over d close parentheses to the power of 2 over 3 end exponent gamma space equals space k left parenthesis t subscript c space minus space t space minus space 6 right parenthesis end style

M=Molecular Weight; d= density; γ= Surface Tension ;  k=Eotvos-Ramsay Coefficient ; tc= Critical Temperature ; t= System Temperature

begin mathsize 48px style F equals space 6 πηrv end style

F= Drag Force ; η = Viscosity Coefficient ; r= Radius of the Particle ; v =  Relative velocity of the Particle ;