begin mathsize 36px style X subscript A minus X subscript B equals 0.102 square root of E subscript A B end subscript minus left parenthesis E subscript A A end subscript. E subscript B B end subscript right parenthesis to the power of 1 half end exponent end root end style

XA , XB = Electronegativity of element A and B , such that XA > XBEAA =Bond energy of the A-A bond; EBB =Bond energy of the B-B bond;

EAB =Bond energy of the A-B bond;






This online electronegativity calculator is based on the Pauling scale of electronegativity. Electronegativity is described as the ability of an atom to attract electron to itself in a chemical bond. Pauling scale was the first and by far the most widely accepted electronegativity scale. It is to be noted that you must input XA to be greater than XB, otherwise the output should be considered wrong.

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