begin mathsize 36px style U equals fraction numerator N subscript A M z to the power of plus z to the power of minus e squared over denominator 4 πε subscript straight o straight r end fraction open parentheses 1 minus 1 over n close parentheses end style

U=Lattice Energy ; NA= Avogadro Number ; M= Madelung Constant ; z+ & z- = Charge on the Cation & the Anion;

e = Change of an electron; n= Born Exponent ; r =Inter ionicDistance; εo = Permitivity of free Space; 







Born Lande equation predicts the lattice energy of a crystalline ionic compound. In the above formula , n , namely the ''Born Exponent'' is a number which is typically between 5 and 12. The "Madelung Constant" entirely depends on the crystal structure.

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