begin mathsize 36px style fraction numerator P. V over denominator n. R. T end fraction equals Z end style

P=Pressure, V=Volume, n=number of Moles, R=Universal Gas Constant, T=Temperature, Z=Compressibility factor






This online chemistry calculator may be used to compute the compressibility factor Z. Real gases do not follow the Ideal Gas equation. So, PV/nRT is not equal to 1. If we consider V to be the volume of a real gas then compressibility factor Z may be represented as V/(nRT/P). The denominator (nRT/P) can be viewed as volume of an ideal gas of n moles at temperature T and at pressure P. Thus compressibility factor is simply the ratio of the molar volume of a real gas and the molar volume of an ideal gas of same number moles and at the same temperature and pressure.     

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