begin mathsize 36px style E subscript c e l l end subscript equals E to the power of o minus fraction numerator R T over denominator n F end fraction ln Q end style

Ecell = Electromotive force of the cell ; Eo= Standard Electrode potential of the cell ; T = Temperature ; Q= Reaction Quotient; n = The number of electrons transferred per cell reaction; R = Gas constant ; F= Faraday's Constant  






Nernst Equation is one of the major pillars of electrochemistry. Nernst equation relates the electromotive force of a fuel cell (or of a half cell) with the standard reduction potential, temperature , reaction quotient etc. The standard reaction potential can be stated as the electromotive force of a fuel cell which have reaction quotient being equal to unity (which implies that the activities of the reactants and the products must be equal to 1; since they constitute the reaction quotient). The term "n" is the number of electrons involved in a complete redox equation.         

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