begin mathsize 36px style E to the power of o equals fraction numerator R. T over denominator n. F end fraction log K subscript a end style

Eo= Standard Electrode Potential ;  R = Gas Constant ; F = Faraday's Constant ; Keq = Equilibrium Constant ;  T = Temperature ; n = Number of electrons involved in the cell reaction ; 





This equation is derived from the "Nernst Equation". At equilibrium the net Ecell (electromotive force) of a fuel cell become zero, and thus the standard electrode potential can be directly related to the equilibrium constant of the reaction. This standard electrode potential is termed as the nernst potential or the reversal potential in the case of biological membrane. This is also termed as the equilibrium potential if it is a single ion system. In case you need to calculate nernst equation use this :

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