begin mathsize 36px style open parentheses P plus fraction numerator n squared. a over denominator V squared end fraction close parentheses left parenthesis V minus n. b right parenthesis space equals space n. R. T end style

P = Pressure ; V = Volume ;  a , b = Vander waal's Constants ; n= Number of Moles ; R= Universal Gas Constant ; T= Temperature







This online Van der Waals calculator is based on the Van der Waals equation of state. This was derived by modifying the Ideal Gas equation of state. This theory considers that a gas consists spherical particles which have considerable size and takes into account the molecular interaction forces.It is to be noted that for a given value of P, a, b, n, T there exists 3 unique solutions of V (Volume),  but only one is shown as the answer here.   

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