begin mathsize 48px style X subscript M equals open parentheses I E space plus thin space E A close parentheses divided by 2 end style

XM =Electronegativity of an element ; IE = Ionization Energy ; EA =Electron Affinity 





This online chemistry calculator may be used to calculate the electronegativity of an element according to the  Mulliken scale of electronegativity. Mulliken scale simply considers the electronegativity of an element as the average of the ionization potential and the electron affinity of that element. The EA and IE refer to the valence state of the element in a compound and not to the ground state of the atom. Note: Since Pauling scale is more popular it is often required to convert values from Mulliken scale to Pauling Scale. This is done by dividing the Mulliken electronegativity value by 2.8. In other words (IE + EA)/2x2.8 or (IE + EA)/5.6 yield E.N values in Pauling Scale.

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