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CFSE = 0 Dq(oh)

CFSE = Crystal Field Stabilisation Energy (ligand field only) ; Dq(oh)= octahedral scale
According to the crystal field theory ligands are considered as point charges. The d orbitals on a free metal atom have the same energy (they are degenerate), but in a specific geometry (octahedral, tetrahedral , square planar etc) this degeneracy is destroyed as the d orbitals do not feel same amount of repulsion.The relative energy levels depend on the geometry. In octahedral system the amount of splitting is arbitrarily assigned to 10Dq(oh). By using this calculator you can calculate crystal field stabilization energy for linear, trigonal planar, square planar , tetrahedral , trigonal bipyramid, square pyramidal, octahedral and pentagonal bipyramidal system (ligand field geometry).          

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