begin mathsize 48px style capital delta G space equals capital delta H space minus space T capital delta S space end style

ΔG= Change in Gibb's Free Energy ; ΔH = Change in enthalpy;  ΔS = Change in Entropy; T= Temperature





The above equation is one of the most widely used equation in thermodynamics. ΔG (Change in Gibbs Energy) of a reaction or a process indicates whether or not that the reaction occurs spontaniously. When ΔG = 0 the reaction (or a process) is at equilibrium. ΔG > 0 indicates that the reaction (or a process) is non-spontaneous and is endergonic (very high value of ΔG indicates that the reaction is unfavorable).   On the other hand, ΔG < 0 indicates that the reaction (or a process) favorable, spontaneous and exergonic

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