begin mathsize 36px style P e to the power of fraction numerator a n over denominator R T V end fraction end exponent left parenthesis V minus n b right parenthesis space equals space n R T end style

P = Pressure ; V = Volume ;  a , b = Dieterici Constants ; n= Number of Moles ; R= Universal Gas Constant ; T= Temperature







Dieterici equation of state is a non cubic equation of state. This can be reduced to van der waals equation of state by expanding the exponential term in a series and excluding higher terms. Dieterici equation of state takes into account the distribution law (similar to bolzmann distribution) to account the lower pressure (than expected in an ideal case) at the boundary. However the volume correction in Dieterici is similar to that of the Van Der Waals (V-nb). Due to complexity of this equation, we had to implement newton raphson method to evalute volume, temperature and number of moles in this calculator. 

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