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Lview is an Online LAMMPS dump file visualiser. Simply select the local dump file (produced in a typical LAMMPS Simulation, see dump) by clicking "choose file" button above. The dump file selected will not be uploaded , but will be read locally. The size limit of the dump file depends on the availability of RAM on your computer. Generally an i3 cpu with 2GB ram is capable for viewing a 500MB dump file. Do not panic if your browser "crashes", if it does just refresh the browser and choose a dump file of a smaller size (one way is to run the simulation with a higher dump step). Lview once loaded on your browser can be used offline too. You can optionally save (or may you call 'convert') your dump file to a .jpg , .bmp , .svg or to a .pdf file.

For a sample dump file to get you started: click here.

If you have found any irregularities on this online Lammps viewer feel free to let us know here.

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