begin mathsize 36px style lambda equals fraction numerator h over denominator m. v end fraction end style

λ= De Broglie Wavelength ; m= mass ; v= velocity ; h = Plank's constant ( 6.6262 x 10-34 Js)

 begin mathsize 36px style lambda minus lambda apostrophe space equals space fraction numerator h over denominator m subscript e c end fraction open parentheses 1 minus space cos theta space close parentheses end style

λ= Initial wavelength of the photon before scattering; λ' = Final wavelength of the photon after scattering; θ = Scattering angle; h= Plank's constant ; me = Rest mass of an electron;   c = speed of light in vaccum 

 begin mathsize 36px style E equals fraction numerator n squared h squared over denominator 8 m L squared end fraction end style

E= Energy at the nth state; n = quantum number ; h= Plank's constant ; m = mass of the particle;   L= Box length