begin mathsize 36px style ln open parentheses P subscript 2 over P subscript 1 close parentheses space equals space fraction numerator capital delta subscript v a p end subscript H subscript m over denominator R end fraction open square brackets 1 over T subscript 1 minus 1 over T subscript 2 close square brackets end style

P1 & P2 = Initial & Final Pressure ; ΔvapHm = Molar Enthalpy of vaporization ; T1 , T= Initial & Final Temperature ; R= Gas Constant ; 






This online chemical calculator is based on the Clausius Clapeyron Equation. If a liquid is placed in an evacuated vessel then the empty space above liquid is filled with the vapor of that liquid. The pressure of this vapor is termed as the vapor pressure of the liquid. This vapor pressure is related to the temperature of the system. Two vapor pressures at two temperatures is related by the above equation. 

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