begin mathsize 36px style open parentheses M over d close parentheses to the power of 2 over 3 end exponent gamma space equals space k left parenthesis t subscript c space minus space t space minus space 6 right parenthesis end style

M=Molecular Weight; d= density; γ= Surface Tension ;  k=Eotvos-Ramsay Coefficient ; tc= Critical Temperature ; t= System Temperature







This online chemistry calculator is based on the Eötvös rule. Eötvös rule relates the surface tension and temperature linearly. The coefficient  k (Eotvos-Ramsay Coefficient) normally has a value of 2.1×10−7  J/K.mol2/3.  However in liquids having associated state of molecules will have lower k value.  For example, since water, alcohol, carboxylic acid etc have inter-molecular hydrogen bonding, they show a lower value of k.   

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